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35 European countries!

50.000+ be.ENERGISED chargers!

470.000+ charging opportunities at partners locations!

1 monthly invoice!

Qelo is the first independent and private, investor-financed e-mobility service provider (EMSP) in Croatia. We are part of the be.ENERGISED community with footprint in 35 countries in Europe and 40 worldwide.  The be.ENERGISED network consists of over 50.000 chargers, operated by several hundred EMSPs and CPOs (Charging Point Operators). The network is expanding literally day by day. Moreover, our network’s partnership with over 470.000 chargers connected with the Hubject and Gireve roaming platforms, gives our customers the peace of mind of being able to charge their EV wherever and whenever they need. 
All the roaming processes can be started by your Qelo card or App, hassle-free and without and preauthorisation of your bank or credit card. You will be able to review and pay for all your charging processes via monthly bill.

You can check the locations and availability of chargers you can roam on via Qelo App. Charging rates and other pricing depend on the pricing policy of our partners, CPOs and EMSPs. For any questions, please consult Qelo Customer Care.