"Range anxiety" is a thing of the past

"Range anxiety" is a thing of the past

Charging an electric vehicle is a process that we want to simplify as much as possible so that it becomes your daily routine. Our expert team is always at your service to provide you with all the necessary advice. One of them is this one!

Battery life is greatly influenced by how you charge it and how you use it. The range of the vehicle certainly depends on the capacity of the battery itself, but there are ways to extend its duration.

  • Your vehicle has the ability to set charging settings. We advise you not to allow the vehicle to charge up to 100% during daily charging. Lithium-ion batteries work best between 20% and 80% capacity. Frequent charging up to 100% or discharging below 20 to 30% can significantly reduce the capacity and life of the battery.
  • Of course, nothing will happen if you try to discharge your battery below 30%, but try to be careful.
  • Weather conditions also affect battery functionality. We can't control the weather, but you can choose a parking space in the garage in winter or in the shade in summer. Also check if your car has custom battery heat management settings.
  • Getting to know your vehicle is fun. Today, a car is like a mobile phone or a computer, personalize it to fully enjoy a new experience.


Certain driving modes can increase range, slow braking instead of sudden braking transfers more energy to the battery, set the heating or cooling to turn on while your car is still charging. There are countless possibilities to play with!

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