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Qelo Contact center: +38512222070

Operating hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

or write us an e-mail: we.care@qelo.eu

This kind of connector is used for AC charging from 3,6 to 11kW, up to 22kW with some models.
CHAdeMO is a mode of connection used on some vehicle models manufactured in Japan. It is used for DC charging with up to 100kW power.
CCS Como is the most widely used DC charging connector. It can handle high-speed charging of currently up to 350kW power commercially.
The range of your EV is stated in your car’s technical specifications. Keep in mind that it can still substantially differ, depending on your driving style and road conditions. Prolonged uphill road sections, high speeds, excessive AC or heating usage are some of the most common reasons for diminishing the average range. Learn more under Range anxiety.
The change of personal data, App access credentials or change of tariff can be requested by e-mail to we.care@qelo.eu. We will try to serve you ASAP. So far, the longest it has taken us to meet a request was 2 workdays, far better than the legally required 15.
Yes, there is. The price will depend on your tariff and the roaming partner’s pricing scheme. Find out more under Roaming, and our price list.
Qelo services will be available at most probably the best part of charging points you will encounter. However, not all CPOs and EMSPs have opened their facilities to roamers. In case of doubt, please contact us about the availability in different areas or countries.
Customer care hotline +385 1 2222 070 Mo-Fr 9:00-17:00 e-mail: we.care@qelo.eu web form
Should your Qelo RFID card be lost or stolen, please contact us to ensure that it is blocked as soon as possible, to prevent any unauthorised use that might cause unwarranted expense to you. We will make sure that you are able to use our services as soon as possible.
Yes, you will. To cover material, processing and handling cost, you will be charged EUR 6,90 (HRK 48,90).
A detailed price list can be found on or next to every Qelo charger. For Qelo App users there is a price indication provided before starting any charging process (please note that the indication of roaming price charges depends on data provided by the network the charger belongs to, and might not provide entirely accurate cost or pricing details).
All charging events will be listed on a single monthly invoice.
All available chargers are displayed on the map provided in the Qelo mobile App.
Yes, you will! What is more, using other CPO and EMSP infrastructure will be as hassle-free as ever, every transaction will be listed in your App, and payment no different than what your’re used to – by Qelo monthly bill.