Qelo card

Qelo card

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Your Qelo card is featuring a built-in unique identification code which cannot be duplicated or manipulated in any way. Depending on your needs, you can request your card to be issued for private use or business purposes, by filling out our application form.
Upon a simple verification process of the payment responsible data, our team will send the card to your billing address. You can use your Qelo card to charge your EV on chargers operated by Qelo and our roaming partners.

Find more about roaming oprions in the "Roaming" section.

How to use your Qelo card?

  • Connect your vehicle to the charger.
  • Swipe your Qelo card against the charger’s reader.
  • You will be able to follow the charging process on the charger’s screen (where available).
  • To stop charging swipe the card at the reader.
  • You can now disengage the charging connector and remove the vehicle to free up the charging space for another user.

Enjoy your ride!