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About us

How we started Qelo

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E-mobility is here, Qelo represents our vision of its advantages

When in 2018, as a vision, we founded a company that will deal with green transformation, we crystallized our view of the business model and ways of financing the electromobility project. It was clear to us that electric vehicles would play a significant role in this transformation. That's why in 2021, together with a group of private investors and idea ambassadors, we started the foundations of the Qelo electromobility service. This is how Qelo became the first privately financed and independent electromobility system in Croatia.

Electricity on Qelo chargers is exclusively "Green energy".

With the Qelo card, you can already pay in hundreds of thousands of places in Europe today.

Whether you are a real estate owner or a company that electrifies a fleet of vehicles, Qelo will help you. 

By total electrification of transport, we are working to reduce CO2 emissions, leaving a cleaner planet and having more fun trips.

Your Qelo
Behind the Qelo brand stands the company enasolAuto d.o.o. which is part of the enasol group.
QeloTM is a registered trademark of the State Institute for Intellectual Property.